Inequality and social change

Inequality and social change

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Your summaries/reflections and discussion questions must focus on the main points and/or implications of the assigned readings. Focusing your  summaries/reflections and questions on minor details of the readings may result in a misunderstanding of materials and, consequently, a loss of points. The summary/reflection portion should be between 2 and 2.5 pages long (following the guidelines above), and  should succinctly review and/or reflect upon the main points and/or implications of the readings, as you understand them. (We notice when you only discuss the first few pages of each piece of assigned
reading). Your discussion question should follow from your summary, and adhere to the guidelines/suggestions below. Good discussion questions will be multi-part questions, consisting of several sub-questions. The goal is for you to communicate your understanding of the material, and your ability to ask interesting/informed
questions based on your understanding.

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