Individual Learning Assessment

Individual Learning Assessment

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Select a firmor brand that has adequate online presence (Emirates Airlines). Look at the firm’s/brand’s online presence and reflect how the firm markets its product and how they could improve online sales for this product. Your report may include (but is not limited to) criticalanalysis of different digital channels used by the firm for its online presence and suggestions to improve its onlineperformance further such as website design (a revised webpage using any HTML editor or Microsoft Word can be submittedbut not mandatory), website copy, advertising strategies and search engine optimization (SEO). The report must include references (in-text references and reference list) and data (e.g. from Google Analytics,, etc.) to support your findings. Structure of the report is as below:

  1. Executive Summary – An executive summary should highlight some key findings and suggestions to motivate a reader to read the report. (max. 1 page)
  2. Introduction –company, market, major competitors, online presence (website, social network page, etc.) (max. 0.5 pages)
  3. Online Analysis – which core elements does the online presence have, which strengths and weaknesses can you identify? Critically analyse different digital channels used by the firm for its online presence. Use data and references to support your findings. (~2 pages)
  4. Suggestions and Conclusion –what would you suggest to the company to improve their online presence and consequently to improve sales. (~2pages)
  5. References
  6. Appendix (e.g. showing data screenshots)

Pre-Written Pages: 2


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