Implement quality assurance processes for business solutions

Implement quality assurance processes for business solutions

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Training’r’us are a free online course and certification provider. (You can refer to company profile for more information on Training’r’us).  Until present they have provided their customers with soft copies of the course completion certificates to students in pdf formats at free of cost. With growing numbers of users, they began to receive more complaints on the website performance. Thus, the CEO of the organisation has decided to perform a quality check on the website and fix the problems with the website in order to keep up to the website standards. A copy of their published website can be accessed from the link You have been now tasked to develop a quality management strategy for this organization. For this purpose you are required to perform the following tasks. Determine the business quality performance expectations and develop benchmarks. You can refer to Appendix B for website quality and compliance standards to determine the business expectations and develop benchmarks. You can also refer to Appendix C which has the website quality checklist. Use the HTML validator , CSS validator, link checker to gain a knowledge of the current website quality. Develop guidelines to improve the website for achieving each benchmark standard identified and described in Task 1. Gain feedback on the guidelines you have developed. Your assessor will act as your client and provide you with the required feedback. Allocate responsibilities for achieving benchmarks. Identify what responsibilities must be allocated to what staff for achieving the benchmarks. You can refer to the organization chart in Appendix D to gain a knowledge of the staff employed at Training’r’us and assign suitable  ZZZX. Develop a quality management plan and policy. In your quality management plan you are required to address all the points under Task1 – 4 along with an introduction to the scenario. Submit the draft quality plan for approval and implement feedback. Your assessor will act as your client and provide you with the feedback of your quality plan. Based on the roles assigned to each staff identify the skills the staff would require to ensure that they are able to meet the quality standards required. Develop a strategy to provide required training. Develop a strategy for the continuous improvement of the quality strategy including timeline requirements for management review. How you measure and improve the quality of the website. Include your strategies developed for Task 7 and 8 in your quality management plan developed previously. Implement the procedures you have proposed to the client website and ensure it meets the benchmarks requirements.

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