The impact of Corporate governance on the performance of Kuwait’s banks

The impact of Corporate governance on the performance of Kuwait’s banks

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For the regression is better if you can use Stata because in our university we use this software and I have the file of software, and I
can send to you if you know how to use it, this would help they know I did the work, however, if you do not have or you don’t know how to use it then you can use any other software that you can run the model for regression analysis for panel data test such as Hausman test, fixed
and random effect.  I couldn’t find all the data as you can see in the table some cell are blank, if you can please find the data that missing specially the P/E ratio.  For model regression, we don’t need all the variables in the tables, and my supervisor said we need three dependent variables so we can run three models in Stata for regression.  I have some articles if you want I can send them to you, so if you think would useful for a literature review. Also, I have downloaded all the annual reports of Kuwaiti banks, if you need to use them, i can send them to you as well.

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