Ikea company report

Ikea company report

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MKT 6215 Global Marketing Management REPORT briefIndividual projectSemester: Spring 2016Evidence for assessment: Ikea report (60%)International business involves any business transaction between parties from more than one country. It includes such activities as buying and selling raw materials, inputs or finished products across borders, operating plants in other countries to take advantage of local resources, and borrowing money in one country to finance operations in a second country.International business is different from domestic business in that it necessarily involves transactions that cross national borders while domestic business does not. Thus, at least one party will have to adjust to a different legal, economic, and cultural system; convert its currency into the other party’s currency; and make changes in how products are produced or the types of products that are produced.

A truly global firm can be: One that has embraced the rising growth of technology as an enabler of business across borders. A firm that has learned to adapt to  hanges in the political environment. A firm that maintains a ‘global mind‐set’ in terms of its supply chain, its customers, and its markets.Please choose a foreign company / brand that is selling in the UK marketplace. Suggest the factors that made the UK an attractive market for the company / brand.

Please consider the following factors:
1. Company vision, mission and values
2. Triggers for export initiation
3. Environmental analysis (Macro, Micro, Meso)4. Entry mode
5. Market attractiveness :a. STP & Customer b. Competition c. Etc.
6. Standardization / adaption of the marketing mix: a. Product b.
Place c. Priced. Promotion
7. What significant changes did the brand make in order to trade
successfully in UK?

GUIDANCE ON STRUCTURE: Below is a suggested structure and content that you are expected to use for your project:

Title SheetCourse title and yearYour nameTitle of your Report indicating your brand name

Executive Summary Usually written last200‐250 words (excluding from report word count) on one page

A short summary of the report including the main features of your proposal, as well as conclusions and recommendations

Contents PageShows each section of the report and the page number on which it startsList of tables/illustrations (if any) indicating all numbered tables (or charts, graphs, etc.) / illustrations and their respective pages in the report

NB: Page one comes immediately after the contents page or the list of tables/illustrations

Each section and sub‐section is numbered, e.g. I. Introduction1.11.2IntroductionBackground of your report & the company chosen Brief historyCompany profileFindingsMain body of the report, formatted in a logical way.Your report should not simply be subjective, but will need to clearly demonstrate your understanding of relevant theory as taught and contained in the reading list text books.May include diagrams, graphs and flow charts if these help to
convey your information conciselyConclusions & RecommendationsConclude your report by summarizing the rationale of the launch and your
marketing planYou may make recommendations for the medium to long term marketing approach as appropriate

AppendicesAppendices should contain material/documents referred to in the main body of the report They should be cross‐referenced Pages in the appendices do not need to be numbered, but each appendix should have a reference number, e.g. Appendix OneRefer the reader to the appropriate appendix by its reference numberFor example, ‘Research by Mintel (see Appendix Three) shows that…’ReferencesInclude all cited publication in the text Should follow Harvard referencing

BibliographyInclude all document/references supporting the writing of your report Should follow Harvard referencing Word count: Candidates must comply with the recommended word count. Work that grossly exceeds the recommended word count will be returned unmarked and candidates will be asked to complete and submit a new assignment. Word count excludes the index (if used), headings, information contained within tables, references, bibliography and appendices. Layout: Candidates should present their work professionally using tables and diagrams to support and/or illustrate the text. Candidates may include diagrams, graphs and flow charts if these help to convey your information concisely. You must have a strong Executive Summary and conclusion
Theory: A professional approach to work is expected from all candidates. Your report should not simply be subjective, but will need to clearly demonstrate your understanding of relevant theory as taught and contained in the reading list text books. You must show a critical appreciation of relevant literature and its use to support argument, substantiate model(s) and other aspects of the assignment. Material from a variety of appropriate and relevant sources must be used.

 Referencing: You must identify and acknowledge all sources used. The candidate must use a Harvard referencing system to achieve this. Primary research: Candidates must include clear evidence of primary research (if doing a questionnaire a minimum sample size of 30 people is required) Language: Candidates should express their work in plain business English, using the third person (not ‘I’ or ‘we’) a good standard of English will help express the candidate’s understanding more effectively. Quality: It is anticipated that the outcome of the project will reflect your high standards, abilities and ambitions.

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