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Carry out a full strategic analysis and evaluation of Ikea’s current (2014) strategic position in the Global Furniture Retailing Industry. Use figures, charts, tables and appendices to provide detailed supporting evidence and make sure that you integrate key points from the appendices into your answers. Your analysis should include as a minimum:

1a The product market mission of the company. The basis of competition (Porter’s generic and/or Bowman as a

minimum). Strategic Group Analysis.  The activities and resources of the company (Value Chain and the Resource Based View).  The culture of the company (Cultural Web).  The stakeholders of the company (Stakeholder Analysis: power/interest matrix). (50 marks)

1b  An assessment of the relative importance of the performance objectives (cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility) for the management of operations at Ikea.  An evaluation of how supportive Operations are to the overall strategy of Ikea. 6Examiner: L. Limbrick August 2014  An analysis of how Ikea ensures it can meet its performance objectives (use relevant Operations Management concepts, theories and models.


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