Identify an industry issue: A Critical Review

Identify an industry issue: A Critical Review

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One of the fastest growing global industries is the tourism industry. The number of tourists is increasing each year with pushing up demand for hotel accommodation. The higher number of tourists places greater responsibility on the hotel industry to adhere to and maintain specific sustainable standards to protect the environment from damage caused by hotels’ operations. Sustainable tourism can be defined as tourism that makes the lowest possible impact on the environment. Sustainable tourism aims for a positive experience for the tourist, host country and for other businesses associated with the tourist industry.Sustainable tourism practices are now becoming an integral part of the tourist trade because they lead to better ecotourism. Ecotourism which began as a trend some time ago is now becoming a new cooperative sense of ethics. Hotels being constructed desire the green label and those who have been in the hospitality business are making their best efforts to assimilate sustainable practices. The entire hospitality industry is recycling water, tapping solar and wind power to be more energy efficient and less reliant on other fuels. Being eco-friendly saves hotels a considerable amount of money and some of this saving is passed down to guests

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