Human Sexuality Profile.

Human Sexuality Profile.

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The overall aim of this assessment is to provide a sexual profile of a person which provides an analysis of the sexual details of a person’s life and relates them to relevant research, theory, and to the person’s cultural and historical background. The task of the paper is to first establish the facts, as they relate to the person’s sexual history and then to provide some analysis of them in relation to their cultural and historical context, the theories discussed in class (if
applicable, don’t force a person to fit a theory), and any research which might be available into behaviors etc like theirs. Be very careful here – if you are dealing with contemporary research but the person lived many years ago, do not assume the research would also apply to your subject – it might, but it also might not.  You do not have to cover the entire life story of the person – in fact, this would be impossible with only a limited word count. You may
pick an element of the person’s life which you find striking and explore this in your paper. It might be about the person’s behavior, or attitudes, or some combination, provided the focus is on sexuality, in its broadest sense, which includes relationships. You need to tell the marker very clearly in your introduction what you have chosen to
discuss and why.

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