Human Rights

Human Rights

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Choose a topic that is clearly related to human rights concerns, a subject you find compelling and that will interest your readers. You are writing to “bear witness” and to inform and move your readers to deeper awareness about the human rights concern you focus on.  So that your topic is manageable, it might be helpful to research and report on a major problem, conflict or struggle now being faced by a group of people who are somehow marginalized, set apart from the mainstream of their country by, perhaps, the remoteness of their land, the difference in their culture, religion, and/or and language.  Perhaps they are enmeshed in abuse from abroad. Since they are marginalized – their way of life or even their lives might be threatened – their group will face a problem, and there will be conflict.  Examples of problems some people confront are: sweatshops, forced labor (women and children through much of the “developing” world), female genital mutilation (FGM or female circumcision) in Africa, bride burning in India, “honor killing” of women in Islamic countries, destruction of tribal lands by the lumber, mining or oil industries all around the tropical belt of the planet.  Genocidal attacks on the religious minority, the Yazidi, in northern Iraq.  Please avoid writing about the topics of abortion and the death penalty in America.  Generally speaking, it will be a good idea for you to “go abroad” for your subject. Your paper should not only describe the problem, but also its conclusion should support a possible solution.   Remember that your paper will need to will need to furnish reasons, support for the position you take.  References to your personal feelings alone will not suffice.

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