Human Anatomy and Physiology ll Assignment One

Human Anatomy and Physiology ll Assignment One

Human Anatomy and Physiology ll Assignment One

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All assignment questions can relate to the statement: Clostridium tetani produces a neurotoxin which targets inhibitory interneurons inhibiting the release of GABA and glycine.

Part A
Identify the disease caused by Clostridium tetani. Describe the generalised structure of a bacterium. You may include diagrams but must refer to them in the text. Discuss 5 modes of transmission of microorganism and identify which of
these is the most likely mode for Clostridium tetani.

Part B
Discuss how the adaptive humoral immune system would respond to an infection in a vaccinated person. Describe how a plasma cell would manufacture antibodies (protein synthesis).

Part C
Describe synaptic transmission and the effect of an inhibitory neurotransmitter such as GABA, on the post synaptic membrane.
Criteria for the Written Assignment:
♦ The length is 3 pages, one page for each part, (excluding referencing)
♦ Typed in a Word document. Font size 12. Single-line spacing
♦ An introduction is NOT needed as this is not an essay.
♦ Although you may prepare the assignment with a group, the assignment you submit must be an original work written only by you. It may include acknowledged quotes.
♦ A report on originality can be accessed through Turnitin. Check and ensure you have used proper citations and academic integrity up until the due date. If your rating is high you must correct the breach by using better paraphrasing and resubmit before the due date.
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♦ Your sources of information must be referenced correctly using the APA system taught in KEC 555301.
♦ Only cite current refereed literature (which includes your textbook), not your lecturers? notes.

The text book that we are using is called:
1.Marieb & Hoehn (2016) Anatomy and physiology, 10th edition.

2.Mckinley, O’Loughlin, & Bidle (2016), Anatomy & physiology: An intergrative approach 2nd edition.


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