HRM questions and answers

HRM questions and answers

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We begin our work in this unit with Case # 31, page 100- “Work and Family Issues”. You’ll consider ways to deal with different needs of employees when it comes to work and family issues. You will need to complete the chart on page 102 and submit the chart completed. Please use the format exactly.You may want to google “Best Places to work for Women/Mothers” to get ideas. You can also check websites of organizations that are similar like WakeMed, Duke Hospital, etc. This may give you some ideas about which policies/programs/benefits health services organization are offering. You will need to guage time frame for implementation and that has to do with how important the policy or program is and how fast you can reasonably implement it.

Next, complete Case 35, page 112-113. You will will consider “Recruiting and Selecting High-Level Managers Through the Internet” – the all-too-real need to from high-level managers is increasing and many companies are using internet recruiting. You will need to answer the questions on Page 113 noting the advantages and disadvantages of this recruitment source, which approach you would use, what prescreening hurdles you need, and what information job applicants will need. You may want to visit these internet websites and read through information on the jobs posted to give you some ideas. This next case goes along with the case you completed for Unit I on disparate impact. This is also called adverse impact. You will read Case #38, page 118-121, titled “A Solution to Adverse Impact” and complete the four questions on page 121. This will require that you provide your calculations within your written document submitted for a grade. You can use the online tool that I provided to you in the powerpoint found under course resources for disparate treatment & disparate impact used in case #12.Your last case for Unit II is Case #40, page 123. You will need to read “Evaluating the Recruiting¬†Function” and answer questions on page 126. This case requires you to conduct an analysis of the different ways that the organization recruits. You may want to google “yield ratios” to help you get started. This is an extremely important exercise and all human resource department should be using yield ratios to determine where they are getting the most “hired” applicants at the least amount of cost per hire.

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