How to change the strategy DMV

How to change the strategy DMV

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The Strategic AssessmentPurpose: Utilizing Steps 1-5 of Bryson’s SCC, The Strategic Assessment looks at two distinct areas: the organization’s environment (SWOC/T) and the strategic issues facing the organization. These two areas reveal the positive factors and the challenges that will affect how the organization moves through the strategic planning process, and ultimately, the strategic plan—will it get off the ground at all? Will the plan be sustainable? Format: cover
page, name, date course at top, double-spaced, 1” margins; Times New Roman size 12 font; use APA documentation; include a reference list. The Strategic Assessment can run from 10 to 12 pages, including the one-page Executive Summary and the separate page for Stakeholders Analysis. Maximum 12 pages. Insert page numbers.Special Note in Preparing the Assessment: As Steps 1-5 suggest, strategic planning involves frequent communication and interaction with others in the organization. You are required to interact with someone involved with the organization. Include the results of these conversations in your paper.

Requirements1. The Strategic Assessment is an opportunity to apply assigned text readings, and/or articles, including class notes. 2. The discussion must apply a minimum of three assigned journal articles (required and/or recommended) outside of the Bryson text. Please note: It is fine to include case studies in your analysis. However, case studies are not counted as journal articles. Readings outside those required or recommended for this course do not count toward the three journal articles. It is not recommended that you include outside readings in the Assessment. Careful APA documentation (in addition to the course text and assigned articles, note how to properly cite interviews, news articles, newsletters, etc.). Deductions will be taken for lack of attention to APA documentation. See section on Papers (recommended resources) indicated in the earlier section of the syllabus. Class Notes do not require documentation.

Include a Reference Page Writing the Strategic AssessmentExecutive SummaryProvide a concise one-page summary in a bulleted format. This should be written after you finish the paper, but placed at the beginning. For the main body of the paper, please use the following headings:

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