Hospitality Law

Hospitality Law

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Choosing a topic, narrowing it and determining where to get information may pose some difficulty at first. Asking yourself why you are a hospitality management major may give you direction. We’ve had students who want to become event planners, open bistros, manage a bed and breakfast, work at an airline, etc. Whatever your goal is, you
will be forced to confront many of the legal issues presented in this course as you pursue it. Write about how they relate to these goals. We’ve also had students grapple with a topic that seems too large such as “The legal aspects of starting a restaurant.” This can be reduced to a manageable size by choosing several legal topics related to starting a restaurant and focusing on those at the expense of the multitude of others. Some options for research sourcesĀ  nclude conducting live interviews, use of the Internet, legal pamphlets by regulatory agencies, etc. Overall, you are given great latitude in choosing your thesis and how to research it because we want the paper to be personalized.

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