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Team Case Analysis #1 Due July 15:

►Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland (Within Course E-Textbook) –
This case has specific examples of how Disney’s theme parks translate,
or must be recontextualized differently in the different markets –
specifically North America, Europe and Asia (Japan and Hong Kong). A
suggested approach for the group is to divide the questions in order
to optimize the writing of the paper. Your paper will probably average
3-5 pages, depending on writing skills. You should use the Wiki page
as your tablet – the Wiki page will capture all versions and identify
contributors. Your Group communication pages are useful for
collaborations (discussion board, email, etc.)
Case questions:
1. Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) had mechanisms in place to adapt to
local Hong Kong culture, yet these means appeared to be ineffective.
Why? What areas, in terms of cultural adaptation, still need further
improvement? Using Prof. Brannen’s concept of recontextualizing
strategic assets (see case, Exhibit 2), do you think Disney’s
strategic assets are in an advantageous position or a disadvantageous
position in the Chinese cultural context? Explain.
2. Chinese guests often do not know norms of international behavior
when traveling abroad, which creates a special problem for HKD. What
can HKD do to alleviate this problem?
3. Identify two issues challenging Hong Kong Disneyland’s current
operations, and propose corresponding solutions.
4. What would be some of the foreseeable challenges for The Walt
Disney Company if it chooses to enter the China market?
5. How can experience gained from running Hong Kong Disneyland help
The Walt Disney Company’s intended expansion into the Chinese market?

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