Homework #6

Homework #6

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Answer any of the study questions at the end of either Baber. Quotes, used judiciously, are a necessary part of this. (In other words, don’t rely too much on quoted material, but use it to support key points in your essay.) Your essays are each worth 10 points, and where the points are earned as follows: 0-5: Failed to complete the assignment on time, or to begin to state accurately the relevant author’s views and claims, offered little or no discussion of the philosophical or ethical concepts, assumptions, etc. involved in the topic, lacked any analysis and evaluation. Stylistically, the paper showed no structure or organization and/or failed to follow the conventions of grammar and proper citation. 6-7: Accurately stated the claims and theses of major authors relevant to answering the question, and demonstrated some familiarity with the text; it pointed towards a criticism, but further discussion absent or very weak.Stylistically, the paper showed little structure or organization, failed to consistently follow the conventions of grammar and proper citation, and doesn’t use quotes as effectively as possible. 8-9: Accurately presented theses/claims, as well as concepts involved in those claims, demonstrated a close reading and general understanding of the relevant parts of the text explained some background assumptions and philosophically relevant theories, etc., and presented criticisms, alternatives, defenses but further “back and forth” development of criticism absent. Stylistically, the paper showed organization, followed the conventions of grammar and proper citation, and did use quotes effectively. 10: Evaluated by taking criticism/response dialectic to a deeper level. (Importantly, simply tossing off rhetorical questions does not constitute effective evaluation.) In addition, ideally, by way of evaluation, it contributed something “original.” Stylistically, the paper was logically organized, used grammar and quotes to great effectiveness, and was terminologically and philosophically sophisticated (that is, it integrated key philosophical terms in an effective and informed manner).

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