Homeland Security

Homeland Security

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The purpose of this discussion point is gain an appreciation of the difficulties of managing a crisis response to an unexpected disaster. The Fukushima nuclear accident was triggered by a natural or environmental event something that could not be controlled. It would be reasonable to suggest that being affected by and having to respond to the nuclear accident is one of the greatest fears and challenges faced by any emergency agency, in any part of the world.


You are to read the two articles in Week 5, Crisis response to the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Accident. Having read them you are to submit a 400 word review on one issue in either reading that you found interesting. You are to;

Explain why, from an emergency management perspective, this issue is important?


This discussion point is very open to you as you can cover any issue that appeals to you from either reading. (This is intentional). Regardless of the issue you pick, you need to explain why it is important within the context of the Fukushima accident. If the issue you pick crosses over both documents that is, the issue is common to both papers then by all means you can refer to the issue from both document perspectives.

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