Historiography of Religion During the American Civil War

Historiography of Religion During the American Civil War

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The final project is the creation of a historiographical essay. Historians, by training, purpose, and temperament, argue interpretations, about what caused events, about what certain events meant, and about what connections they have. They argue in response to social change, as well as in response to new methodologies, sources, and ideas. Not least, they argue in response to the impact of interdisciplinary synthesis. Your task now is to write a historiographical essay about your selected topic. Your job is not to write about the history of your topic, but to examine the way the topic has been treated in histories over time. Your essay should focus on the history of the history of your topic. You should identify the way the histories have changed and who the most significant historians to write about the topic were. You should not only assess how these interpretations have changed over time, but you should also explain and offer your judgment about why they have changed and what you think of those changes.

The historiographical essay should include sections that correspond to the rubric and connect your topic to the events of the era of the Civil War, while also relating the dominant interpretations of your topic, how they have changed over time, the most influential historians who have written about your topic, and your analysis explaining why interpretations have changed over time. The essay should also include a narrative discussion of the critical resources you identified in the annotated bibliography, your analysis of the gaps in the historiography and the opportunities for future research, as well as your overall assessment of the history of your topic.In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes: • Assess the historical interpretations from influential historians surrounding the Civil War period for their methodologies and biases• Assess the long-term repercussions of the Civil War era on the United States for its impact on constitutional, social, or legal outcomes through the nineteenth century

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