Hispanic American

Hispanic American

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You are required to adhere to the following format & develop a research paper, typed, double-spaced, 5 pages exclusive of title, abstract and reference pages. References are to be cited using the APA Style Manual.
Write a research paper on health indicators of a particular culture and group and then describe the contributions of health disparities to morbidity and mortality among the specific groups, communities, or societies.
Be sure to include:
Introduction to the problem and its significance Description of health indicators & disparities Description of health beliefs, health beabehaviors and contributing factors Recommendations for improving health care and reduce disparities in the selected group Conclusion Word count: Indicate the number of words of your paper (no more than 2,500 words) on the the abstract page. Reference page (not part of page count) use at least 5 scholarly sources; websites may be included but are not to be included as scholarly sources (do not use .com or wikipedia) – use .gov, .org, .edu

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