Hip Hop and Feminism

Hip Hop and Feminism

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Note: Rather than posting links to your articles, please save the article as a PDF and attach it to your summary. Remember, other people need to access your article easily. Providing that access is part of your assignment and you will lose points for not following directions. Your articles should come from the library database. If you have
questions about how to access the database, it might be a good idea to visit the library. Also, it’s ok if more than one person writes on the same article but let’s please limit that to only 3-4. In other words, I’m not being as strict as I was with the Seattle artist, but please try to post a variety of articles so we can get a wide perspective. We learn more from one another if we’re posting different articles.
Assignment Due (10 pts): Please find, summarize and post a PDF to a recent academic article that deals with hip hop and feminism. Who wrote the article? What is their position on the subject? Do you agree with their position? What kind of evidence do they use to support their claims/critiques/observations about hip hop and feminism?
The second part of your assignment for the week will to be to read at least one other article (posted by your fellow classmates) and make a few critical comments and/or observations about the article (beyond what they’ve already written) and how it fits with what we’ve been discussing so far in the course.


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