High School U.S. History Lesson Plan and Essay

High School U.S. History Lesson Plan and Essay

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I would like the following two essays (one includes a lessonplan)
completed. It needs to be for a high school US History class. Essay 1:
Choose any DCPS learning standard and compose a lesson plan script
(500 words or less) for a lesson that you might teach on that
standard. Lesson plans should focus on the direct instruction or
introduction to new material portion of your lesson. In your lesson
plan, we are looking for the specific words, phrases, and questions
that you would directly say to your students when explaining new
content and when checking for student understanding. Submissions
should also include a clear lesson objective, as well as the
questions, activities, and/or assessments that you would use to ensure
student mastery of the objective. Make sure to include the standard
that you have chosen as well as a brief rationale for your choice.
Please note that DCPS uses the Common Core State Standards for Reading
and Math in grades K-12. If applicable, please choose one of these
standards. If DCPS standards are not available for your content area,
please select and list an appropriate standard from your state in your
content area. Essay 2: Consider the lesson you planned for Essay 1. In
a short paragraph (300 words or less), please outline the two most
common student misunderstandings that you would anticipate students to
have when learning this standard, as well as a rationale for why these
misunderstandings may occur.


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