Hewlett-Packard vs. Apple

Hewlett-Packard vs. Apple

Order Detail:

Working with the information that you provided in your topic proposal,
and any feedback you have received from your Professor, flesh out the
facts and information from your original proposal.
Review the changes in each company and describe them thoroughly in a
word document. Explain how the change impacted the companies, and who
it impacted. Compare some of the similarities and differences between
the change in the two companies.
Look at your grid and pick three images of change from your grid. Fill
out the empty blocks on the grid for those three images using
outlines, bullet points, and rough ideas for both company’s change.
Now, in a Word document, analyze, compare and contrast the three
images and explain how the behaviors of those images would be
different or the same during your companies’ changes, and how those
differences could (or did) impact the success (or failure) of the
change, comparing and contrasting the results at both companies.
Explain which image (or combination of images) you feel would have
best facilitated the described change and why.
Based on the information you actually read about the results of this
change, state which image you think the leader of the change actually
resembled the most. You may speculate here on which image you feel
best represents the “change agent” at either or both of the companies.
This will depend on how much information you found about the internal
workings of the company during the change.
This paper should focus on evidence that demonstrates how the
management of the organization integrated one or more of the six
images of managing change (Chapters 2 and 3) how effective the change
was and what management could have done differently to increase the
probability of successfully implementing the strategic change
initiative. Again, this is a compare and contrast paper – so include
information about both companies in your report.

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