Henry Tam and the MGI Team – Case Analysis

Henry Tam and the MGI Team – Case Analysis

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A case provides you with an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts to more complex real-world situations. Your written analysis of a case should be to-the- point and concise (maximum of 2 – 3) single spaced pages + exhibits, using a font size of 12, with 1-inch margins all around).The following approach to the analysis of cases has proven to be successful.1. Skim the case to identify the key issues. 2. Reread the case in detail and prepare a preliminary analysis. (Bullet points will most likely suffice.) 3. Formulate a written analysis of the case. The format of the written analysis will differ, depending on the issues presented in the case. Normally, you would like to start with a short synopsis of the case (one paragraph at most). Furthermore, the best case analyses will usually have an exhibit or two (or more, depending on the case) to support your arguments. 4. Participate actively in the class discussion of the case. Learning through the case method occurs at two different levels: on your own, as you read and analyze the case, and with the members of your class, as you are able to listen to, and critically evaluate, alternative points of view.

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