Health sciences and medicine Pharmacy

Health sciences and medicine Pharmacy

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1.What makes you unique (Introduction) * 2. Why do you really want to study this course – encouraged my
family, want a well-paid career and the opportunity to work anywhere I want in the world, I want to work with patients, want to study the content of drugs and how it will affect people’s health and change their lives. * 3. What difficulties have you overcome – got very unsatisfying results for my A Levels which made me study harder the next round and I got much better results. *4. Why should the university choose you over other applicants – Well
adapted to study in England, well-motivated to be the best student I can be. Organized; prioritize my time; know when to study and when to have fun, possess a combination of skills and experience that make me stand out from the crowd. *5. What do you hope to gain from studying in UK – Meet a network of people, Improve communication skills * *6. What’s good about you – Analytical, driven, ambitious, creative, bubbly, vivacious, disciplined and systematic *7. Why have you chosen this course 8. Previous subjects studied – Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (A Levels), currently studying in INTO Foundation in Uni of East Anglia, Norwich *9. Any career plans – Want to one day open my own business based on natural ayurveda medicine 10. Work experience/Voluntary work – Worked as an HSE Assistant Trainee in a Marine company 11. Social, sports or leisure interest – Swimming, Badminton, Yoga (most recently) 12. Non-accredited skills & achievement – Attended an outward bound course back in my country which focused on leadership and teamwork; Competed in a swimming competition nationally and won; my team won in
a basketball tournament

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