Health sciences and medicine Cancer

Health sciences and medicine Cancer

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1000 word review of a research paper Should include: outline details of the background/introduction, aim/hypothesis, methods used, results obtained and conclusion drawn Should highlight strengths and weaknesses found in different sections of the paper, providing evidence for your interpretation Potential examples of strengths/weaknesses and supporting evidence in the paper may include:
Strength – logical and clear set of results Evidence – complete data set presented neatly using numbered tables and figures, with meaningful titles provided throughout the main body of text  Weakness – inconsistencies in experimental design Evidence – gender (male:female) bias in human experimental treatment groups. No control group used in animal experiments.  When reviewing the paper for  trengths/weaknesses consider all sections; including the title, abstract, introduction/background, methods, results, discussion, conclusions and referencing. For example does the title of the paper sufficiently identify/capture the content of the paper? Is the subject matter sufficiently introduced and set at an appropriate level for the target audience? Is sufficient reference made to the literature in the discussion of the results? Are conclusions drawn that are supported by the data presented in the results section?

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