Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management

Health Policy and Management

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Health Policy and Management The purpose of this two-stage part ( A & B) assignment is to provide the individual student with an opportunity to prepare a discussion paper which provides an overview of a current key issue pertaining to one major health topic in Canada.

You are only to complete part A of this paper Scholarly Discussion Paper worth 10 % of my final great. Students will have the opportunity to select a topic of interest and conduct a limited literature search of the professional health literature pertaining to the policy or management perspectives.

You will also have the opportunity to revise your paper based on instructor feedback in order to improve your written literacy and analyses skills. Instructions: Choose one of the three issues below. If you have difficulty selecting a topic, approach the Professor or teaching assistant for assistance.

Question 1, I have chosen this topic health management: Health Management: What are the key features of Canada’s health care system? What are some of the problems that need to be addressed in Canada’s health care system? What are some of the proposed solutions being advanced? What are their strengths and weaknesses?


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