Health, obesity

Health, obesity

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My argumentative essay should focus on blaming the food industry for being a major culprit for American’s obesity problem, They are selling a product with health hazard and no food label ( Nutritional fact ), they manipulate adult by fake and irrelevant advertisement. Along all of that people are also responsible, one choice is a factor in this The dilemma, Adult control their choices, and for that, I want to blame adults who make bad choices along with the food industry for obesity in America.  Remember, you’re writing an argumentative essay which means an outline similar to this.  Thesis Argument evidence 1- ( one figure “I chose Fig6-31” and one table “you chose what you think it’ll suite the better” from the sources I’ll provide  later ) 2- ( Pollan: Western diet; Zinczenko: Don’t Blame The Eater )
Counter argument. Conclusion and of course the citation at the last page.

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