Health Care Fair (Nursing)

Health Care Fair (Nursing)

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The document should list 3 questions that you have prepared for a specific potential employer who will be participating in the fair.  * Each question must be accompanied by a supporting paragraph, outlining the background that has prompted you to ask this specific question and characteristics, history, or relevance to the person you will be addressing (example provided below). You will have to do some pre-work investigating the participating employers.   * Rationale for questions: Vague, one-size-fits-all questions are boring and ineffective. They don’t allow you to stand out, they don’t prompt any further discussion, and they often don’t reveal anything a website wouldn’t. “Are you hiring?” “What kinds of positions do you have open?” and “Do you hire graduate nurses?” are questions that leave an employer very little room to reply–and they don’t make you seem like you have any interest in the agency beyond a paycheck. Asking a question that reveals what you already know makes you a stand-out. It makes you seem sharp and interesting, and it isn’t that hard to do.

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