How haze is formed, its effects and how to prevent it in Asia (Especially in China)

How haze is formed, its effects and how to prevent it in Asia (Especially in China)

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Recently, faze has become a very serious issue in Asia especially in China. There are a lot of news article reporting about it. So i would like my paper to be about how the faze is formed, what is the effect (harm) of haze weather, and how to prevent it. Most importantly, i would like to have any sources you used to be cited correctly. It does not matter you use a lot sources because the topic needs to do a lot of research, as long as they are all cited!!!  Here are some instructions by the teacher: “Choose an environmental topic/issue that interests you, and do a literature search on it. This research project should involve some environmental science topic which is important to human society. The paper must be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font with 1.25 inch (or less) margins. Figures, tables, bibliography, captions, names, material within quotes, etc. are not part of the length requirement. Anything that is not your own prose does not count. Do not add excess spacing between paragraphs, and do not use excessively
short paragraphs (most paragraphs should have at least 3 sentences in them) to make the paper appear longer than it is. Even if the paper is 9.9 pages it is not long enough to meet requirements, so it is best to make it substantially longer than this minimum. It must be must be completed with an introduction, body, conclusion and a bibliography.
You must have a minimum of 8 sources, only 4 of which may be from websites. ”

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