Goodwill and Impairment

Goodwill and Impairment

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Introduction= 500 words , at least 4 objectives of definition, types of Goodwill, Impairment(How it works)  Literature review::2000 words section 1; Discuss ,;Goodwill, the benefit and its challenging , controversial, how Goodwill is calculated, History , new modifications, The relationship of Goodwill and Impairment , what are
the Accounting Standard saying about this. section 2:,how to calculate the impairment  Case study on THOMAS COOK( Travel Agency):2000 words How this company Goodwill and Impairment have been for the last 2-5
years covering these factors: 1.Net Assets 2.Cash Generated unit 3.Valuation= Annual report 4.Market Capitalization= Earning per share has significant impact shareholders wealth maximization. Discuss! and come with conclusion referencing with Harvard methods , books and the recent articles.

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