Globalization and Business

Globalization and Business

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GEB 5368 – Globalization and Business LEARNING ACTIVITIES BREAKDOWN. Learning Activity 4Topic. The Role of Politics.Learning
ObjectiveTo expose the different ways non-corporate entities, such as governments and political institutions also contribute to the
development of globalization and business. Introduction Activity 4 further develops the students knowledge of the globalization process
by introducing them to the role global politics plays in the formation of global business. Individual governments establish free trade zones
while international bodies such as the UN, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, work to make international trade simpler
by interlocking economies and currencies. Understanding the complexities of these relationships are necessary for the student to
become well versed in globalization and business.Instructions Assignment 3: Using given resources in this course, and researching the web and using sources of your own, prepare a detailed essay on the United Nation’s Global Compact: its origins, its mission, its intentions to better the globalization of business process. 3- pages, APA format Recommendations Besides the bibliography given to you, you may expand your information with any other academically adequate source.

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