Global Motors Case Study 2

Global Motors Case Study 2

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The first section of the case analysis report is the introduction and statement of Key Issues. Begin your report by identifying the mission and objectives of the organization. These are generally NOT stated explicitly, but you can surmise the mission based on statements in the case. Next you should identify the Generic Strategy (Porter: low cost, focus, differentiation, quick response) that you believe the company follows. This is followed by a brief description of the company’s current strategy by functional area. Include marketing, operations, finance, HR, R&D and information technology. Strategy means HOW the company tries to achieve its objectives. For example and operations strategy might be to employ maximum use of technology in manufacturing or strong focus on quality control. Then identify the key issues you believe are most important in the case. The best way to present key issues is to write them as questions. Also, briefly explain why these key issues are important. Identifying key issues is critical to a good case analysis and addressing them should be the focus of your recommendation section. Next, identify the industry or industries relevant to the case.


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