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Global Issue

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Choose a global issue. Set a research question.Then state why this is an issue rather than a problem because… Part A: The Issue Defined Write the Hiistory of the Issue: (General/Worldwide) Current State of the Issue: (Worldwide) Background and Current State of Issue: (Bahrain) The Problems defined: (Include cause and effect relationships) Part B: How to resolve the Issue Solutions: (those tried and suggested) My Stance on the Issue: (Explain what you think could or should be
done in response to the problem.)

– You will need to find a minimum of ten sources
– Wikipedia will not be counted as a source
– One of your sources must be a non-internet source, think actual book, interviews etc.
– Please have a look at the table below, you will need all thefollowing information for each of the sources you used when it comes to the work-cited page

Books : | Articles : Electronic Resources:
Author(s) or Editor(s) | Author | Same info as for Articles PLUS:
Title | Title of Article
Publication Date | Title of Journal/Mag./Newspaper | Web site Address (URL)
Publication City | Volume & Issue Number | Name of Database
Publisher |  Publication Date | Name of Database Publisher
| Page Numbers | Date of Access

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