Global Business Directions

Global Business Directions

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1. As Head of Global Expansion of a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company you must design the international expansion of the company’s core product  into one European market.

2. You must select between the following markets (Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France) and analyze each one doing a Pestel, SWOT or Cage framework analysis (can be added in the appendix if it surpasses the 3.500 word limit) Finally you have to select one of them .

3. You must retrieve and analyse all available data in the internet in order to make your choice) among them, and not limited to, population by age, GDP per capita, target population, main competitors, distribution channels,  main retailers, disposable incomes, sales by region, sales by months, standardization vs adaptation of the
product…) in order  to define the best market as well as the method of entry (several mathematics need to be included such as market share, break even, etc).

4. Cage framework and pestel analysis must also be conducted as well as a SWOT analysis of each country and a swot analysis of the product in that particular country, paying special attention to the competitive advantages. Marketing mix (at least the 4 P’S) have to be included in the assignment.  Final conclusions have to be written at the end of the assignment (can come from the cage analysis).Please be informed that the number of sources can be more than 7 if needed

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