Gene Technology

Gene Technology

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Biological basis for Gene Technology Scientists now have the capability and technology for creating a new genus of animals by inserting genetic material from one, or more than one animal into that of another animal. The technology will enable scientists to create animals that have the individual qualities that humans desire in animals. Scientists can give animals the capability to develop and grow faster, have better tasting and healthier meat and undergo less pain and suffering that is part of the conditions prevalent in modern factory farms. Gene technology is closely related to Cloning and stem research. It is generally part of animal or plant breeding, but it has been defined by the European Commission as selective breeding. Gene technology will be of great help to medical researchers for finding cures or means of prevention of genetic diseases such as breast cancer. Last but not least, animal species that are being driven to extinction can be cloned which would help in preserving the earth’s biological diversity and ensure that the species will not be obliterated when the last of the species expires

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