Gender Relations

Gender Relations

Gender Relations

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Gender Relations sex and character ch 1-4 (1-52) please write a summary and a reflection please write whether it is primary or secondary source Otto Weininger’s Sex and Character is a deeply disturbing and deeply prejudiced book. As you are reading the first four chapters, please consider, and ultimately write about the following three points:
1) 1) Try to summarize his ideas. Since he is obscure, feel free to use phrases such as, “He seems to argue.”
2) 2) Try to place Weininger in the context of the time. Feel free to refer to other texts we have read so far – he is certainly responding to a crisis, but what kind of crisis is it?
3) 3) One of the most highly debated issues around Weininger in the scholarly world is how to read him today. As Chandak Sengoopta argues, “A prejudiced work … is not ipso facto useless to the historian.”
(Otto Weininger: Sex, Science and the Self in Imperial Vienna
(Chicago: U Chicago Press, 2000):

1). What are some reasons that you can come up with to continue reading Weininger today even if many of his ideas are disturbing.


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