GCC security: challenges and responses

GCC security: challenges and responses

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GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council): security and challenges  The following are the subtitles I want you to write about, however once you assigned a writer for this order I need to chat with him before writing this essay:  1. Security concept: – I want the definition of the security in this topic to be referred to authors like Barry Buzan or Mohammad Ayoob or both) – I need the highlight how the security of GCC is deferent from Middle east (probably Mohammad Ayoob has written something in this topic) – We got to define here whether we are looking for monarchy security
or people security.  2. Inter GCC states dispute or perspectives on:   Political – Economical – Military (Derr Al-Jazeera)  3. Foreign labour threats and diplomatic problem – How this issue might reflect on the identity of the citizen and security of the states   4. Regional threats: how does the following country might have an effect on the security of the GCC: – Iran: (nuclear program and its agenda for hegemony of the region) – Sunni and Shia Muslim agenda – Iraq: contemporary effects of the gulf war and disputes with GCC (especially Saudi Arabia) – Yemen: instability of Yemen and how would that reflect on region security especially GCC (Oman and Saudi) – Turkey: the contemporary policy of Turkey in ME and its relation with Israel, and their support to Islamic emerging government and will there be any effect on the GCC security. – Israel: is there any real threat from Israel or became an ally towards Israel.

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