Gang Membership: Who? Characteristics?

Gang Membership: Who? Characteristics?

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Using the National Youth Gang Center web page, their Gangs journal, and other resources, research gang membership: Who is most likely to become a gang member and why? What benefits does membership provide
gang members? What are the dangers? What expectations are attached to membership?
Purpose: To understand how race, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic and other factors affect the likelihood of gang membership and reasons for joining a gang. Consider:

1. Are there distinctive characteristics of gang members that apply across geographical boundaries or within geographical boundaries?
2.. Are specific groups of youth especially prone to joining gangs? Why?
3. How does age affect membership?
4. What does research indicate about the benefits and dangers of gang membership?
5. What expectations do gangs hold for their members? Are expectations fairly consistent across different gangs?
Write a Gang membership Report (3-4 pages, with Bibliography using APA Style). Editing will be required to produce a thorough report; you will need to synthesize the information concisely.


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