The Future of Your Virtual Community

The Future of Your Virtual Community

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Objectives: To use clear, concise language to establish credibility and promote the essay’s argument.To construct an arguable claim that presents a brief overview of the supporting points of the essay and a title reflecting that argument. To construct a well-organized essay with cohesive paragraphs and transitions between those paragraphs. To integrate relevant and reliable evidence from our textbook, scholarly journal articles, and a personal interview to advance the main claim of the essay.
To demonstrate knowledge of correct MLA citation practices throughout the essay.

Introduction:Who could have predicted the role that social networks play in our lives ten years ago? Our virtual community is changing every day and we’re finding new ways to connect (and be disconnected). We often take these virtual communities for granted, but thinking about how they will evolve in the future makes us consider how they do and will integrate with our busy, disparate lives. The argument you’ll be making here will be an argument about the future.

Task:Pick ONE social network of which you are a member and think about what impact that network will have on our lives in 10 years. Think about the economic, political, and social changes that might occur. Also, don’t feel overwhelmed. You might just want to focus on one aspect. For instance, how will Facebook’s investment in virtual reality headsets (the Oculus Rift) affect how we interact with each other? How will gaming, education, and medical diagnosis change based on that one technology?


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