The future of adult education: New responsibilities of college and universities.

The future of adult education: New responsibilities of college and universities.

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A critical book review should contain three types of information: a) an overview of the content, b) an evaluation, and c) a recommendation.  Overview of the Content—Briefly describes the purpose of the book, the author’s viewpoint, and the general content.  This material should be kept to a minimum.  Evaluation of the Book—This is part of the book review and should be given much thought.  Hopefully, you should be able to critique the subject matter of the book.  In the evaluation of the book section, the reviewer might consider the following:              How successful is the author in doing what was propose? Are the major themes or ideas well developed? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?  Is the subject matter approached in an unusual or unique fashion? What is the quality of the scholarship?  Is the material well documented?  Are generalizations well supported?  How well written is the book? Is the book organized in a logical manner?  RECOMMENDATION—to who would you recommend this book (if at all)?  Why?  In what way(s) would you suggest the book be used?  What relevance does the book have for the field of adult education either in terms of theory or practice?  Aspects of content, evaluation, and recommendation might be treated separately or interwoven throughout the narrative review.  Do not use the critical book review as a forum for personal biases or research interests.  Finally, avoid dwelling upon extraneous or peripheral concerns, minor points in the text, or technical printing errors.

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