Funding Source Memo/Proposal

Funding Source Memo/Proposal

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Part 1:You are to locate a funding source (e.g. a foundation, government agency, etc.) that is suitable for your research project, that is, a real source that could fund your research because it funds research similar to yours. Remember that you are just looking for a viable match; you do not need to find a precise grant being offered (although that makes your work easier). To locate a funding source, go to the web site of OGRD, Office of Grant and Research Development, at Explore the options under “Quick Click Funding Searches” or “How to Find Funding (which provides you with a list of “Other Funding Links.” You can also explore options available through*Once you have found a match, research the funding source sufficiently to explain to your instructor in your funding source memo who your funding source is and why it is a good match. It should discuss what types of research the funding source has supported in the past, what kind of organization or agency it is, what their philosophy is, and how their operation works.*

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