Fundamentals of Workplace Health and Safety

Fundamentals of Workplace Health and Safety

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Assessment 2. Case Study

You have been recently employed by an organisation that has been lax in its WHS standards. The company doesn’t have a WHS committee, fails to give staff WHS training, doesn’t consult with staff in regards to WHS matters and doesn’t have a hazard identification process in place. You have been asked to assist in ensuring compliance with the legislation.

1. How would you get information about compliance with the legislation?

2. What would you suggest to management to ensure the organisation complies with legislation?

3. How would you monitor compliance with the legislation?

4. Despite your best efforts, the organisation overall is failing to comply with the legislation. What action could you take?

5. Where might you access help and advice from?

6. Your manager has asked you to recommend relevant publications in regards to WHS. How will you source these?

7. What publication would you recommend? Provide a web link to this publication.

8. How will you communicate information on changes to WHS matters? Consider

both formal and informal communication techniques.


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