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Write a 4-6 page thematic essay on one of the following topics. Refer to the Guidelines for Humanities Essays posted in Blackboard for evaluation criteria, format requirements, and general advice. The essay is due in class on September 30 and must also be submitted electronically through turn-it-in in Blackboard. The assignment
requires use of the 1818 text of Frankenstein and at least two of the sources from the Norton anthology or the supplemental list of articles provided in class. Other sources may be used in addition to the required materials. All sources must be appropriately cited using MLA format.  2. Self-Exploration in Frankenstein: Psyche, Gender and Guilt In the course of Frankenstein criticism, interpretations that focus on autobiographical, psychological and gender issues have become common since the 1970s. Family relations, birth and childrearing responsibilities, and gender inequalities and politics have all been recognized as matters that Mary Shelley drew upon from her own life
experiences as she wrote the novel. Write an essay that identifies and studies the psychological and/or gender dimensions of the novel.

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