Formal Sentence Outline

Formal Sentence Outline

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The purpose of the Formal Sentence Outline is to help you organize,
design, and outline your final Research Paper for this
course. Now that you have researched your topic and composed a review
of literature that demonstrates your
understanding of the conversation surrounding your topic, you are
ready to begin fleshing out your paper—one section at a
time. In the last three units of the course, you will write the
remaining sections of your paper (introduction, body,
conclusion, and abstract), and this outline will guide you through that process.


In this 300-500-word, Formal Sentence Online, you will organize and
outline the project that you intend to write about for
your final Research Paper. If your Formal Sentence Outline is less
than the word count, it is likely you have not fully
developed your outline or adhered to the assignment appropriately, and
this lack of development can severely impact your
grade for this assignment. Your outline will include the elements listed below.

Your Formal Sentence Outline should also include a list of references
in APA style and should adhere to APA convention
throughout for in-text citation and style.


Your grade is largely based on your inclusion of the following
elements, as well as your development of the project. For a
model, you might want to refer back to pp. 465-467 of Strategies for
Writing Successful Research Papers.


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