First Speech Analysis Assignment

First Speech Analysis Assignment

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First Speech Analysis Assignment: Fall 2014 This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to examine historically famous speeches from the last century and to choose a speech for evaluation based on your interests. The speeches: The speech you evaluate MUST be selected from the American Rhetoric’s list of 100 Top Speeches of the 20th Century, specifically from the 1960s. You will find a list below as well as the American Rhetoric site ( You must pick from speech from the 1960s with the EXCEPTION of M.L. King’s “I Have a Dream. **DO NOT select M.L. King’s, “I Have a Dream”** Most speeches on the site have audio presentations (no video) and a written transcript of the speech. The speeches also vary in length.  Some speeches provide historical context prior to the actual speech, i.e. Malcolm X’s The Ballot or the Bullet; some do not or are assumed to be apparent. Also, try checking YouTube to see if there is a video of the speech not found on American Rhetoric.  Have an open mind as you approach the speeches—all have something significant to offer. With your permission, the best analysis will be submitted for the Decatur campus’ Symposium on the 1960s to be held in Spring 2015 for a cash prize. The format:  The evaluation should be about 500 words, generating about one to one and a half pages. Do not exceed two pages. The paper should be typewritten, 12 point font, double spaced. I will not accept papers that are not typed. The content:  I have also listed standard evaluation guidelines below. The basic structure for speech evaluation is simply talking points to discuss. Explain your answers based on the speech. You do not have to address every criteria listed.  Secondly, you can also use the speech evaluation form (speech grading rubric) found in iCollege as a guide to organizing your written evaluation Finally, this is a link to a website (feel free to seek out others) for additional approaches

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