Fire and Wildlife Habitat

Fire and Wildlife Habitat

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Take a virtual – or an actual – field trip to one of your favorite public areas (e.g. a national or state park, a national forest). (Do not choose a private-owned facility like a zoo or other private land.)
PART 1: Investigate and describe the wildlife and habitat management in this area. Is the management effective? How can you tell? If YOU were the Manager of this park or reserve, how would you manage wildlife/habitat differently or similarly?

PART 2: Investigate the “hot topic” (huhem) of Fire Ecology. On your field trip, did you see any evidence of fire or other resource damage related to fire? What is the fire history of this area? How was the area/forest managed for fire? What is the outlook for this area? (Use chapter 7 as a resource for this part of the discussion). Remember, you must cite reference(s) – a Web site or our textbook as the basis of your understanding of wildlife and fire management or how you can describe issues discussed in the book compared to what you see on the ground.

Post photos if you want so we can enjoy your trip with you. Have fun and remember your sunscreen and water! Preferred language style US English

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