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1. Financilization is a process which has been occurring in the US and around the world (drive by the U.S.) since the 1970’s. That is to say, the loss of manufacturing and transformation into a service society with a proclivity to outsource, do away with higher value jobs and propagating consumption against this backdrop (in cashflow terms, the balance sheet is of ultimate importance). Research and analyze the development of labor productivity and wages over the last 30 years in
the U.S. and the European Union (EU). Compare and contrast this with the development of executive compensation (all in real $). What role does the changing shareholder structure (Corporate Governance/Principle-Agency Theory) over time have this process, .e., the percentage of shareholders in which forms of shareholding over this same time frame (direct, indirect and institutional shareholding). With this as a background discuss the validity of the maximization of shareholder value and the role of Agency Theory. What other implications do you see for the current shareholder structure/relationship for individuals, executive compensation,
business and society? Give at least two historical examples of income/wealth disparities (other countries are fine) of this magnitude and the implications for U.S. future developments.

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