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Assessment Task: the writer must follow what the report guidance is asking for. Apart from the financial statements, all references must come from books, articles, and journal articles not website, please. ASSESSMENT TASK (THE WRITER MUST FOLLOW REPORT GUIDANCE AND STRUCTURE AND PROVIDE ALL THE INFORMATION AND SOURCES. Discuss profitability of a company and its impact on investor performance indicators. You are required to select two non-financial companies listed on the London Stock Market and obtain the published financial statements for the last five years. The two companies should be within the same industry group and, therefore, be competitors. Any analysis must compare and contrast the profitability for each the company over the five year period and compare and contrast the investor performance indicators for each company over the same five year period.
Calculations of a selected number of relevant financial ratios and values must be included; the working of the financial ratios must be provided in the appendix, however, the main focus of discussion should Not be ratio analysis. It is suggested that a minimum of three profitability ratios and three investor performance ratios be calculated. Your assessment must contain an Introduction, Conclusion and Recommendation. The recommendation should indicate which company has better performed from an investor’s viewpoint over the period. What is expected to cover in your answers? Ability to introduce the report, by including assignment objectives, companies selected and financial statements obtained. The report should contain Profitability analysis; investor performance indicator analysis; be able to make comparison and contrast profitability and investor performance indicators of the two companies.
Personal learning outcomes should demonstrate the ability to relate theory to the real world. Arguments should be clearly summed up to reach a conclusion and recommendation. Clear, professional evidence of wide research should be provided. Report headings and structure 1. Introduction 2. Profitability analysis of both companies 3. Investor performance indicator analysis for both companies 4. Comparison and contrast of profitability between the two companies 5. Comparison and contrast of investor performance ratios between the two companies 6. Conclusion
7. Recommendation

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