Financial Management skills

Financial Management skills

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List and briefly discuss 10 insights, revelations, things learned in this class—–what was important to you?There are some learning outcome:

1.Application/Skill in financial ratio calculation, analysis, and use as basis for recommendations and decision making.

2. Application/Skill in calculating Expected Value, Short Term vs. Long term financing costs(understanding risk), Cost-benefit analysis of cash management, Average Collection Period, Economic Order Quantity, Credit Policy Decision, Understanding of Prime Interest Rate, Application/Skill in cash discount decision and Effective Rate of Interest. Understanding of relationship between profit,cash and accrual accounting.

3. Understanding/Skill/Application of Present Value(PV), Future Value(FV), PV Alternative, Loan/Interest Cost, Use of Annuity in financial planning, Maturity and Bond Prices, Preferrer Stock value, Common Stock value, Aeer tax cost of debt, Cost of Preferred Stock, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Risk adjusted discount rate and decision making.

4.Understanding – benefits and disadvantages of publicly traded companies, capital vs. operating lease, features of various securities, payout ratio and retained earnings, skills/application of dividend tax calculation, understanding of use of futures contracts and calculation(skills, application) of profit/loss related to use of stock options.

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