Financial empirical research project.

Financial empirical research project.

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Give your assessment of the status of the US economy. Be sure to include current and historical economic indicators and data, including but not limited to: prime loan rates, exchange rates, unemployment, inflation, fed funds rate, GDP, industrial production, money supply, stock market indicators. Feel free to discuss any sectors of the economy which you feel are good investments or international economies which are also good investments in the coming years. Be sure to include explanations of your reasoning.

Each student will conduct an empirical research project. Empirical papers take a theory and test it with data. For example, a theory might suggest that there is a strong correlation between CEO pay and stock price performance. Data gathering will be required, but the sample size need not be huge (i.e. 30 – 50 observations). The purpose of the paper is to provide the student with experience in conducting research and using SAS statistical software. The topic of the paper is to be selected by the student and relate to current issues in financial markets or financial institutions. The length of the paper should be 25 pages (double spaced, typed including tables and software printouts) and include references throughout.

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