Financial Analysis of Sears Holdings Inc

Financial Analysis of Sears Holdings Inc

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This is an individual assignment that focuses on Dun and Bradstreet’s key business ratio analysis and a current financial situation analysis.
By completing this assignment, students will meet the outcome(s): analyze and synthesize strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats (SWOT) to generate, prioritize, and implement alternative strategies in order to write and present a strategic plan  evaluate the outcomes of selected strategies to determine their success and impact on the achievement of an organization’s vision and mission Required Elements to include in Financial Analysis: Sears Holdings, Inc is the company  The analysis shall be conducted on a year-to-year basis using the firms most recent three years Balance Sheets and Income Statements except for final partial-year data, as appropriate Create a quantitative financial spreadsheet with key financial ratios; Complete the financial ratios Include additional financial ratios that you believe relevant or important to your analysis; Provide a detailed, written analysis of the findings from the financial analysis; a trend analysis of the latest three years of key balance and income statement information, including a spreadsheet depicting the trend as well as a detailed, written analysis of the information (spreadsheet will be provided)  Demonstrate critical thinking in the assessment. Sources Strategic Management Concepts and Cases: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Fourteenth Edition Fred R. David  Sears Holdings Inc SEC 10K Filings for 2011, 2012, and 2013  Two additional sources

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